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Technical Professional Services

Seneschal provides professional services to equipment vendors and the content creation community. Work for leading M&E and computer manufacturers, as well as over twenty eight years of “real world” engineering experience in A/V, film, PSP and asset management provides us with a balanced view. Our list of clients, past and present, speaks for itself.

Marketing Communication

Over the past 29 years, we have been intimately involved in the development of digital and analog media production tools and systems, from traditional analog products to digital A/V, prepress and asset management along with complementary storage technologies. During that time, we’ve also worked with many CE and professional audio, video and IT vendors, from Truevision, Bosch, Apple and Hitachi Data to Yamaha, Philips, Ricoh SV and Sony, companies that are known for delivering an exceptional user experience. We’ve assisted large, in–house marketing departments for multi-nationals as well as small, family run companies and sole proprietors to fine tune their marketing message for a better return on investment.

Product & Brand Mangement

  • Branding & Positioning
  • Market Research & Launch Planning
  • Marketing–driven Product Planning & Development
  • Promotion

  • White Papers
  • Demand & Lead Generation
  • Case Studies, Endorsements & Testimonials
  • Data Sheets, Product & Solution Briefs
  • Documentation & UX

  • End User & Channel Documentation
  • Site Design & Optimization

    Are you a manufacturer looking to launch a new tech product into unfamiliar territory, or a content creator with a hankering for wider markets, increased visibility and new customers? We’ll work with you to explain the technology that makes your product special. Give us a call to talk over your needs, or e-mail us for more information.

    Asset Management

    Today, most businesses, large or small, rely on IT or information technology to work faster and smarter. Whether you’re an audio studio, a print service provider, or a video post house/videographer, you run a health care practice, develop games or have an AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) firm, your business relies on digital files, along with their reliable storage and rapid retrieval. From an administrative perspective, personnel and their computers constantly generate more data, resulting in file proliferation and increasing shortages of both storage resources and the time to manage your technical infrastructure. Simply buying more storage usually leads to greater frustration and cost.

    confused executives

    Thinking of addressing your customer, storage and asset management issues? Concerned that vendor lock–in will or is impacting your company’s bottom line? Worried that your current systems are whittling away at your time and money? Specializing in optimized technical infrastructure for entertainment content creation, Seneschal will work with you to improve your work day while increasing profitability.

    We do that by identifying best-of-breed solutions to your workflow pain points. Whether it’s a “cloud”–based or local infrastructure solution, we’ll evaluate your issues, needs, existing systems and budget to develop a solution that’s uniquely yours, using commodity products and services.

    We’re vendor–agnostic, identifying the best products that match your technical requirements and budget. Plus, we’ll act as your representative when dealing with sales people, so you don’t get sold a high margin item rather than the one that best fits your prerequisites. Finally, if we can’t meet your needs, we’ll find someone who will!

    Control Your Storage, Lower Your Stress

    Acquisition costs typically account for just 25% of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of storage. Vendors and reps are invested in particular product lines, which may not be the right fit for your business. Whether your company generates word processing files and PowerPoint presentations, healthcare records, MFX, digital cinema or blueprints and renderings, we can help you spend less time on IT and more time perfecting your deliverables.

    Management as a System

    If asset management is an afterthought at your company, you should reconsider. Distributors, dealers and integrators usually portray storage acquisitions as a commodity buy. However, capital expense, IOPS, redundancy, form factor, HVAC, acoustical & electrical requirements, expandability, throughput, reliability, data protection, recoverability and support costs should all be considered when planning a purchase.

    The cost of one incident of lost or damaged files is usually enough to justify a well designed, automatic, self–healing storage system that can grow along with your business. From a low cost, direct–attached Tier 2 disk array to a high performance, networked Tier 1 storage system, Seneschal can work within your budget to protect your files without a lot of maintenance headache.

    Don’t Let Assets Manage You

    Files are only valuable if you can find what you need in a timely fashion. Digital asset management or DAM software uses one or more dedicated databases to store each file, including precious metadata associated with the file. DAM systems range from simple, very low cost implementations to sophisticated, full featured systems that require a significant initial capital expense. Either way, an investment early on in your company’s life cycle will pay handsome dividends later on as your digital assets increase in size and number.

    Give a Shout

    Don’t a let penny wise, pound foolish approach to IT lead to needless computer maintenance or business interruption. We can work with you to design a low cost, low maintenance storage and/or DAM solution, with capacities starting at 4 TB, that will reliably protect your rich media assets and business intelligence 24/7. Our past experience enables you to envision your future more clearly. Call to discuss your needs at 1-415-750-1659 or e-mail us for more information.

    Other Services


    Audio Production

    Seneschal provides a complete restoration and forensics package for delivery to your site. The package includes a complete Sonic Studio’s NoNOISE II™ software suite, along with Alogorithmix’s reNOVAtor. The package also includes Sonic Studio’s Model 302 DSP I/O processor for portable, high fidelity hardware interfacing.

    soundBlade + Model 302

    When an incoming job isn’t up to snuff and your current tools aren’t cutting it or, your work load has temporarily exceeded your gear’s current capacity, contact us at Seneschal for the top level of Mac OS–based professional audio production and repair tools.


    Seneschal conducts three styles of training for those who want to improve their mastering, premastering and forensic/restoration technique. Low cost seminars provide an interactive classroom experience where we’ll add to your skill set in a relaxed and fun environment.

    As an alternative, we will build an on–site curriculum just for you: your needs, your workflow pain points, your facility and gear. Custom, focused information without the fluff. In addition, we can conduct remote, e–learning sessions, which saves on time and travel costs. All that’s required is a modern Mac and a broadband connection. We’ve provided custom training and seminars worldwide, so let us create a custom e–learning or on–site session focusing on your specific needs.

    Contact us at Seneschal to find out when our next training course will be held or, gather your colleagues together and we’ll schedule a custom program especially for you.

    Call Now

    Rely on over two decades of experience helping small and medium businesses as well as multinational and governmental organizations to streamline workflow, increase revenue, and monetizing existing assets. Our technical professional services address the needs of equipment vendors, creative professionals, and the rich media production community. Whether you create and manage digital assets or manufacture the tools that build and wrangle digital media, we can improve your bottom line.

    Make the right connection. Our expertise, used by major manufacturers and service professionals, will help bring your projects to a new level of polish and sophistication.