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Recent news includes…

05-20-16: A Guest Editorial for audioXpress, Listening Impressions on MQA, discussed some of my initial thoughts on this technology.

05-09-16: A feature article for audioXpress, Making Experiential Observations Count, discussed how the audiophile cable manufacturer Wireworld makes some of their design decisions.

04-15-16: My colleague Steve Stone and I hosted a fun and interesting Q&A at AXPONA 2016 in Chicago.

01-19-16: My coverage of RMAF 2015 appeared in audioXpress magazine.

05-28-15: A Guest Editorial for audioXpress, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Pono…, discussed PonoMusic’s then new feature called PonoRevealer.

03-28-15: A blog post at audioXpress on the subject of Perceived Meaningful Resolution has also generated some activity…

03-27-15: My coverage of RMAF 2014 appeared in audioXpress magazine.

02-11-15: A post at audioXpress on the subject of High Resolution Audibility Testing has generated some activity…

14-11-14: The December 2014 cover of audioXpress magazine highlights a review of the Universal Audio Apollo Twin Thunderbolt-based audio interface from your truly…I really do love the product!

09-08-14: From the Blast From the Past Department…In the mid ’80s, I was a columnist for the now defunct db magazine. A few of those old chestnuts have recently been unearthed online

05-16-14: Back in 2010, Seneschal was contracted to provide some design services for a “…new stealth startup.” On April 29, 2014, Zazum was granted a patent for the technology I helped to create. Patent 8,713,593 covers a “Detection system and method for mobile device applications.”

04-17-14: For the 2nd year in a row, I sat in with Larry Jordan at Digital Production BuZZ during the 2014 NAB Show to talk about MASI’s offerings at the show.

04-09-14: As part of the Broadcast Engineering Conference in association with the 2014 NAB Show, I presented a paper, Loudness Management Is Settled…What's Next? on behalf of Minnetonka Audio.

10-19-13: Alas, TS&G will not be appearing in an Italian version. The world will just have to tolerate the English edition!

04-18-13: A quick note that To Serve & Groove is doing quite well, and will be translated in Italian!

05-27-12: My first book, out on the Other Munday imprint, is finally out. After way too long in the making, I can now begin revising it for a second edition!

After well over a dozen years, the FireWire link list in the Annex has been retired. FireWire is dead, long live Thunderbolt!

10-05-11: It only took four months for Gov. Brown to repeal the law mentioned below which means, the bookstore is back!

06-30-11: Summer’s on top of us and it’s time for trade shows and new product introductions! For something completely different, it’s rare that I have to mod my web presence because of government intervention but, I had to remove my Amazon Bookstore after Gov. Jerry Brown signed a budget bill that requires online retailers with physical presence in the state to collect sales tax.

03-24-11: It was a busy winter. Seneschal’s OMas is part of a patent filing for some exciting new tech…

05-17-10: Seneschal welcomes a new stealth startup to our client roster. With a new way to connect consumers to the products and services they see, stay tuned for more info on a rising star of the ad world…

01-11-10: benefits from a complete site overhaul. With an all new back end, and new site design and infrastructure, is faster, more informative and, easier to navigate…Let know what you think!

10-20-09: City Confers Green Status On Professional Services Firm

Seneschal Gains SF Green Business Recognition Get Adobe Reader

Goings On At The Shop


It’s AXPONA time, and I’ll be heading to ChiTown to attend the show for the first time.


At the end of 2011, I took a full time gig at Minnetonka Audio, which meant Seneschal had to be dropped into the deep freeze…Now, it’s summer and I’m back in the swing!

In August, a series of talks at the California Audio Show brought me to California’s Bay Area. In October, it was “Rocky Mountain” coverage for audioXpress.


Despite fairly depressing news on business and the economy in general, Seneschal has experienced steady growth in the 2nd quarter of 2011 and, if trends continue, the 3rd and 4th quarters should see significant easing of marketing budgets.


For Seneschal, the third and fourth quarter of 2010 were all about maintaining brands and delivering consistent messaging despite tight budgets and a generally sour business disposition. Participation at several trade shows proved to be both strategic and profitable, overcoming lackluster expectations for the events. Our clients ended the year on a rising note and are looking forward to 2011…

In March of 2010, Seneschal provided technical services to a massive digital archiving project in London, conducted on behalf of one of the Big Four music content holders. Working with a wide range of audio pros in the process, we learned several new lessons, enabling us to deliver an ever more finely tuned client experience.

Other recent marketing projects have included sales and marketing initiatives for Minnetonka Audio, in preparation for NAB 2010.

The 2010 CES was a successful marketing focus for Sonic Studio, where they participated in coop marketing with Weiss Engineering Ltd., dCS America and Ayre Acoustics, Inc., among other high end manufacturers. We have begun to define the next generation of CE products in the Amarra line…stay tuned for the latest developments.

Seneschal has added a new client to our roster…A site redesign and overhaul was recently completed for Independent Mastering in Nashville.


An ongoing project is the design and implementation of production infrastructure and an asset management system for the San Francisco Symphony.

Seneschal completed public relations work for Wholegrain Digital Systems and an extremely successful first product rollout with Burgin McDaniel Design that incorporated unified branding, strategy, press and public relations.

Site Updates

To maintain freshness and flavor, new links have been added and stale ones removed. See the revision history below and look for the New label on the Links page...

06/20/15 - Added Stillpoints to the Acoustical Products list.
04/17/15 - Added Snowsound USA and Svanå Miljö Teknik to the Acoustical Products list.
04/17/15 - Added ATS Acoustics to the Acoustical Products list. Finally removed the list of Font vendors and SIGs from the list page. Long live digital type foundries!
10/30/14 - Removed 21dB, and added acoustic spaces, Haverstick Designs, Kaufman & Associates, Level Acoustic Design, Malvicino Design Group, Pilchner Schoustal, Sonic-Space, Steven Durr Designs, studio bau:ton and Technical Audio Services to the Acoustician list.
06/30/14 - Added GizMac to the Acoustical Products list.
07/30/13 - Added Tatz Design & Hedback to the Acoustician list.
06/16/13 - Added SIA to the the Acoustician list.
04/28/13 - Added Dickinson’s Dialectic to the Laws page
04/18/13 - Added Flex Acoustics to the Acoustical Products list.
07/04/12 - Added Ultra Systems to the Acoustical Products list.
07/01/12 - Added 21dB to the Acousticians list.
01/08/12 - Added a second Law attributed to Bob Ludwig, cleaned up the page a bit.
10/26/11 - Added Acoustic Geometry to the Acoustical Products list.
10/10/11 - Added Hiromi to the Pulp Merchant list…
09/15/11 - Added Dickson Coatings to the Pulp Merchant list…
09/11/11 - Added Hushmat to the Acoustical Products list.
06/06/11 - Added GretchKen Industries and MSR to the Acoustical Products list. Also, updated the Home Page, removing the Google translation widget.
06/30/11 - Had to remove my Amazon Bookstore after Gov. Jerry Brown signed a budget bill that requires online retailers with physical presence in the state to collect sales tax.
06/28/11 - Added Freinwald’s Laws to the Laws page, and alphabetized the list.
06/13/11 - Added Lintec, A.T. Inks, Advanced Chemical, AFFORD, AlphaChem, American Ink Jet, AR Monteith, Collins Ink & COLORWEN to the Pulp Merchant list…
05/06/11 - Added American PERMALIGHT, Drytac and Value Vinyls to the Pulp Merchant list…Humm, maybe I should call it the Pulp & Plastics List.
04/26/11 - Added Napa Acoustic to the Acoustical Products list. Also validated, fixed then posted W3C blue CSS and XHTML badges to Home page.
04/21/11 - Removed Folded Space from and added Studio Acoustic Solutions and RealTraps to the Acoustical Products list.
02/14/11 - Added Fontstruct to the Type Foundries page.
01/18/11 - Modified the Contact page.
01/10/11 - Added Mason Indusries to the Acoustical Products list.
11/27/10 - Added 3A, DPI, Gilman, Hartman, Oracal, PALRAM & Purepanel to the Pulp Merchant list.
11/26/10 - Added to Acustica Applicata S.r.l. to the Acoustical Products list.
11/24/10 - Added to Vicoustic to the Acoustical Products list.
11/22/10 - Added a new category top the Links page: Acousticians & Studio Design.
11/15-10 - Added to acouStaCorp, Audimute, Fibre Bonding, Jiangsu KPS and Second Nature to the Acoustical Products list.
11/01/10 - Added The Sounds of Star Wars to the Bookstore.
10/14/10 - Added O’BON to the Pulp Merchant list.
10/08/10 - Added EQ, Custom Audio Designs and Universal to the acoustical Links list and, Big Systems, EnCore, Pacific Coast Fabrics to the Print Media & Consumables section of the Lists page.
09/29/10 - More updates to the Laws page.
09/28/10 - Added Moran’s Law to the Laws page.
09/27/10 - Updated the Laws page, thanks Paul, Clete & Howard!
09/25/10 - Add the Laws page.
09/24/10 - Updated the About page.
05/26/10 - Updated NetWell link in the Acoustical Products list.
05/24/10 - Added Toole & Self books to the web store.
05/20/10 - Added Zazum to News…
03/08/10 - Added Beaver Paper and Scarab to the Pulp Merchant list.
03/05/10 - Added the Twitter list you see above!
02/08/10 - Added JOCAVI to the Acoustical Products list and removed the Pro Organizations section from that same page.
01/11/10 - Completed switchover of names servers to new infrastructure.
01/05/10 - Nearing completion of revision 6…
11/18/09 - Added Oji Paper to the Pulp Merchant list.
11/06/09 - Completed compiling the entire Pedants series. Added INX and Mutoh to the Links page.
10/14/09 - Added Reich & removed Russell-Field on the Links list.
10/13/09 - Began moving old Bitstream columns over to the new site.
10/05/09 - Switched over to revision 6 of site.
09/09/09 - Added NewPage and Tembec to the Pulp Merchant page.
08/27/09 - Added Terminal Design & TypeCulture to the Type Foundries page.
08/07/09 - Added AbitibiBowater to the Pulp Merchant page.
08/07/09 - Added Google translation widget to home page.
07/30/09 - Added Spicer, Bordeaux, conVerd , Cooley, Dazian, DHJ, Dupont, EcoMedia, Fisher and Aurora to the Pulp Merchant page.
07/22/09 - Added FLEXcon, Gmund and ICI to the Pulp Merchant page.
07/18/09 - Removed Dixie's Delights from the Type Foundries page & added Sawgrass Tech to the Pulp Merchant page. Cleaned up some CSS…
07/17/09 - Added USG to the Acoustical Products page.
07/15/09 - Added Gruppo Cordenons and Torrespapel to the Pulp Merchant page.
07/14/09 - Added Arctic and Grays Harbor to the Pulp Merchant page.
06/25/09 - Added iPlow to the Pulp Merchant page.
06/17/09 - Added Verso Paper to the Pulp Merchant page.
05/15/09 - Added NTI to and removed FireWire Watch, FireWireWorld, Initio, Cal Drives, Madlogix and Intel's and Microsoft’s 1394 links from the 1394 page.
04/24/09 - Added Indian House to Clients page, plus miscellaneous clean up.
04/14/09 - Added PaperSpecs link to the Pulp Merchant page.
04/10/09 - Added Tactum link to Acoustical list.
04/01/09 - Added ATEN, and RTcom links to 1394 list.
03/31/09 - Removed Indigita link from 1394 list & added carousel widget to Bookstore page.
03/17/09 - Removed ePublicEye seal.
03/04/09 - Overhauled book store.
02/12/09 - Relinked all links pages, updated several URLs, added Acoustical Services link.
12/29/08 - Tossed out several link pages, added Green Glue link.
12/16/08 - Removed the widget from the home page…loading too slow.
12/13/08 - Converted page 9 links to CSS & added 28 new print media links.
12/10/08 - Updated my bio.
07/12/08 - Added MASI & Legendary to client list.
07/01/08 - Added BMD & Wholegrain to client list.
05/17/08 - Added Bonded Logic to acoustical links.
05/01/08 - Moved blog to /blog.
04/13/08 - Many new paper links.
04/01/08 - More updates to convert to CSS, also updated paper links.
02/08/08 - Updated home & this page, removed home.htm…
01/28/08 - OK, so it took two years but, we’re back with a blog and updates to the site! Lot’s of changes due for the links pages…
01/07/06 - Added a new travel link. May actually start updating again!
08/24/04 - Fixed a bunch of links on the trade mag page.
08/02/04 - Added Bitstream 53.
07/08/04 - Added Bitstream 52.
06/01/04 - Added Bitstream 51.
05/01/04 - Added Bitstream 50.
04/23/04 - Revised the Kudelski link and removed the Fairlight and Spark links.
04/20/04 - Finished adding Google ads.
04/15/04 - Added the Acoustics First link.
04/07/04 - Changed my pic…
04/06/04 - Removed Tivoli, changed Vixel, Pathlight and Jems Data to new owners, and added SNS to FC links. Added Google AdSense to page 01 links.
04/01/04 - Added Bitstream 49.
03/25/04 - Added the HUGE Systems link.
03/09/04 - Added the Microsoft Watch blogger link.
03/08/04 - Added Bitstream 48. Added Cooligy link to Bitstream 46. Added Optimize Classic to the Tip & Tricks page.
02/23/04 - Revised sitewide metadata.
02/12/04 - Added Bitstream 47.
01/15/04 - Added Bitstream 46.
12/05/03 - Added the Crookwood and Steve Klein SCR links.
12/01/03 - Added Bitstream 45…decided to keep most links inline.
11/04/03 - Added Bitstream 44. Deleted Pavo and Peabody Digital links. Also added Acoustiblok, EMM Labs and Western Digital links.
10/03/03 - Fixed Gracenote link, thanks Martay! Added Bitstream 43. Switched JEMS to RAID Inc.
09/24/03 - Added Bitstream 42…OK, I’ve been very busy!
08/27/03 - Updated my CV.
07/31/03 - Added my badge to the WWDC 03 write-up. Also added forms-based e-mail contact page. Finally.
07/30/03 - Fixed Dave A.’s Deliverance link. Added Bitstream 41.
07/24/03 - Fixed broken links.
07/22/03 - Updated the client list and the RSA Turing Award citation.
07/18/03 - Added Bitstream 40. Also updated my rate schedules.
06/25/03 - Added the EM restoration piece.
06/23/03 - Added WWDC laundry list.
06/17/03 - Removed the late and great Cult Of Macintosh as well as Tombstone Tourist, Find A Grave and Airlines Of The Web. Replaced the AMUG link with Apple’s list of MUGs. Fixed Epicurious and several other broken links.
06/07/03 - Added Bitstream 39. Also added the DigitalAudioGuide and Audiophile Audition links.
06/04/03 - Added counters back into the Index and Home pages. Also added MacMusic link.
05/17/03 - Removed the Travel & Leisure, R. Fairgrove, C. Hicks A. Lanterman, Chef Resource Page, RIAA Online, Biztravel links. Also repaired many broken links.
05/04/03 - Added Bitstream 38.
04/15/03 - Update the Silly-bus page and added favicons…so cute. Also added the cantenna links.
04/05/03 - Added Amazon links to the Bookstore.
04/03/03 - Added Acard and audioXpress/Voice Coil links.
04/01/03 - Added Bitstream 37 and the Century Global link.
03/26/03 - Added the O'Reilly link to Bitstream 29, the MCE link to the FireWire vendor list and QLogic to the iSCSI vendor list.
03/20/03 - Removed the MacToday link, added Apple to client list.
03/13/03 - Started the revision of the site’s structural template, by swapping the index.html page. Also fixed about 50 broken internal links.
03/03/03 - nice date…Added Bitstream 36. Added MacStumbler, NetStumbler and AirSnort links to Bitstream 28.
02/11/03 - Added Nemal link to Bitstream 27.
02/07/03 - Added Bitstream 35. Finished conversion for site move to OS 10 server. Added and fixed a few links on Bitstream’s FireWire pages.
01/24/03 - Began the switch to an OS 10.2 HTML server…whoa!
01/18/03 - Added Bitstream 34. Removed Tai Tak Takeo link. Added Nishan and Alacritec links and fixed stale paper vendor links.
12/14/02 - Added Bitstream 33.
11/25/02 - Added Bitstream 32.
10/15/02 - Removed the Pioneer, Denon and Panasonic links from Bitstream 10, added the Minnetonka and Cube-Tec links. Added Bitstream 31. Updated the links01 page: added TC Works, changed several URLs, removed the Canorus and Wadia links.
09/19/02 - Added Bitstream 30. Deleted the Wrapster, Aimster,, White Cap, and AudioToday links. Removed most all mp3 player links.
08/02/02 - Added Bitstream 29. Overhauled Bookstore selections.
07/13/02 - Added the ABS Heat Buildup link and pages to Bitstream 28.
07/12/02 - Added the HyperLink Tech and vonwentzel links to the Bitstream 28 page.
07/07/02 - Added Bitstream 28. Fixed TOP link on bottom of many pages. Also added a picture of yours truly, scowling…
06/27/02 - Added WebMovie link.
06/19/02 - Updated the Primacoustic link, the index.html page and the Tips& Tricks page with my iTools link.
05/27/02 - Added the Model 10 cutsheet PDF.
05/26/02 - Added Bitstream 27. Fixed all the music links for Bitstream bios.
05/10/02 - Repaired the search results page. Added the OS X FAQ link.
05/04/02 - Added Bitstream 26. Corrected the Apex/Cybex link to Avocent. Added Adaptec to the USB links. Corrected the SmartDisk links. Added ORBAN Europe and IOGEAR links.
04/22/02 - Added Bitstream 25…better late than never!
03/10/02 - Corrected the AppleSpec URL (thanks, Jeff!).
03/07/02 - Added Bitstream 24. Updated the Amazon link on the Bookstore page.
03/01/02 - Added AMS, ATTO, Cal Drives, Initio and Paralan links. Updated copyright notices and minimized rental info.
02/03/02 - Added Bitstream 23. Added the BUSlink, CMS, CompuCable, Minds@work, WeibeTech, 3Com, Air Tech, Contour Design, Eskape Labs, Griffin Tech, Orange Micro, Sophisticate Circuits, Trekstor, Edirol, Ego Sys, Emagic, Korg, Midiman, Onkyo, Radikal Tech, Sound Devices and Tascam links to the Local Bus page. Also added and fixed many other links on that page.
01/05/02 - Improved the French translation of the service description.
01/04/02 - Added the counter back onto the index page and added a new counter to the home page.
01/01/02 - Updated the client-side image map coord.s for the banner and appended the style sheet. Added the AppleSpec, Gartner DR white paper, LAME, MP3Car, Rancho Tech, RoomLens, DMN forums and UofYork links.
12/26/01 - Modified the banner look to accomodate IE for Windows’ outright inability and Netscape 6 flakiness to properly display diced images.
12/13/01 - Added Bitstream 22.
11/14/01 - Added Bitstream 21.
10/16/01 - Added the following links: Gefen, Flavor Software and Hy–Tek
10/04/01 - Added the following links: USC TV Handbook, Naval Observatory, 5inch, Sound Construction, MacAddict, Mac Show, OSTA, ProNetGuide, MEDIALINE, The Big Picture
09/30/01 - Finished the migration of the archived The-Message files over to here. In the process, tossed out all of the large JPGs, unified the CSS and color schemes and fixed a few links.
09/29/01 - Added Bitstream 20. Began the process of adding The Message back into the site. Work continues…
09/17/01 - Updated the Eazel and Ecrix links and Bitstream 15 & 18.
08/11/01 - Added Bitstream 19. Modified the Bookstore and Home pages with new pix and verbiage. Added the Serial ATA Working Group and APT Technologies links.
08/08/01 - Added site-wide search capabilities.
08/06/01 - Added Bitstream 18. Also added the Acoustic Systems, Acoustic Interiors, Markertek, MBI Products, Primacoustics, RPG, Silent Source, Sound Construction, Vibrant, VocalBooth and Wenger links.
07/24/01 - Added the Designing Web Audio book and update the Photoshop 5 books to v6.
07/23/01 - Added the “Broken link?…’ mailto request items on the Links pages.
07/15/01 - Added the GoCables, Digisette and Methode links. Cleaned up more jscript rollover behaviors and added textual navigation links to most pages.
07/14/01 - Added back a counter to the home page and began the jscript cleanup.
07/13/01 - Moved the old Tips & Tricks page to a hidden locale. Let's see how many requests there are for it...Added the DVD Demystified, DVD Digest, DVD List, DVD Made Easy and Recipe 4 DVD links to the DVD Links page.
07/12/01 - Fixed jscript problems on the new Tips page by performing a complete rebuild. Argh. Also added better navigation to the page which will slowly propagate throughout the site.
07/01/01 - Added Bitstream 17. Repaired a ton of JScript behaviors in Dreamweaver that were damaged by GoLive…Still a lot more repairs to go.
06/10/01 - Deleted the “General Art Resources” section of links. Deleted the ProcessTree Network link blocks. Long live distributed computing…Added Aimster, Bearshare, Gnutella and imesh. Added Bitstream 16.
05/12/01 - Added Bitstream 15. Flushed all spurious instances of the <font…> declaration. Added the Eazel and Mac OS X links.
03/13/01 - Updated Sven's Sound Article List link. Added Netgear and SSI Computer links. Added Bitstream 14.
03/03/01 - Added Bitstream 13.
02/01/01 - Added Bitstream 11 & 12. Added the Linksys NAS, Maxtor, Orange Micro and Archos links.
12/17/00 - Added a memory test illustration to the Hidden Mac OS page.
11/30/00 - Added Bitstream 10...sheesh, ten already! Also added the Vacuum Tube Valley link.
11/21/00 - Removed the Digital Audio Labs, Midiman & Otari links. Updated the Audio links verbiage. Updated the Quantum link to reflect the spinoff of the division.
11/05/00 - Added Bitstream number 9, number 9, number 9...Consolidated many of the bitstream links onto the SAN, NAS, Local Bus & Networking page. Added the Jiro, WEBM, Glyph and Medea links.
10/20/00 - Changed the training rate schedule.
10/07/00 - Due to popular demaind, added the About02.htm page.
10/02/00 - Added Bitstream 8. Also added the Warriors Of The Net link to Bitstream 7.
09/11/00 - Added Bitstream 7. Optimized the whole site's code for faster performance.
08/19/00 - Added the SOHOware, HotelGuide, Yellow Dog, Neal Stephenson and Public Land Info Center links.
08/04/00 - Added Bitstream 6. Also added The Stereo Times, WINE and Eazel links.
07/23/00 - Morphed Synapsys into trueSAN. Fixed some coding errors.
07/22/00 - Added the PayPal link to the home page.
07/20/00 - More link page splitting. Fixed broken links. Updated SEK'D link text.
07/16/00 - Added the SnapServer illustration page. Also added the TapeDisc Business, Wrapster and the Mac Themes links.
07/07/00 - Added the Ramp Networks, Studio Systems and Xiphophorus links.
07/06/00 - Added the SHOUTcast link.
07/04/00 - Added the XIOtech link. Split the 1st two links pages.
07/0100 - Added the Keyzone, PCcables, Dakota and Computer Network Accessories links. Also Added Bitstream 5.
06/29/00 - Added the DigitalAudioGuide, Finjan, SecureWorks, Audio Ideas Guide, NetRadio, Subband, White Cap, Icecast and MVP links. Removed the dead Mac Curios and Apple Easter Eggs links. Fixed the Prestissimo link.
06/14/00 - Added Network ICE and Zone Labs links to Bitstream 4.
06/12/00 - Added the Addonics link in Bitstream #3 & Music Enforcer link to Bitstream #1. Also added Bitstream 4.
05/28/00 - Added the S3/Rio and the Panic links to the Bitstream 01 page.
05/15/00 - Added Bitstream 3. Oops! Added Women In Audio, FibreAlliance, 10 Gigabit Ethernet Alliance, Meridian's MLP link.
04/05/00 - Reformatted Home page to remove Shortcut popups
04/02/00 - Added Bitstream 2. Added the Efiber and Ciprico links.
03/26/00 - Added OpenAL, USC and We Dooley links.
03/17/00 - Added the Cranesong link. Removed the Mackie link. Revised index.html.
03/11/00 - Added the Skywalker Scoring article & interview. Added the Muscle Fish, Bleu Rose, Burr-Brown, Analog Devices, Mouse Jam, Trexar and SANservices links.
02/28/00 - Added RealAudio clips to Bitstream #1. Also, changed the Mercury Computer Systems SAN entry to Tivoli. Removed the CLARiiON link. Added the FireWireWorld, T11 and SNIA links. Demoted Culto Of Mac to #2 status.
02/22/00 - First Bitstream added. Panasonic and Sony DRE links added.
1/30-2/14/00 - Revised, modernized and standardized the "container" for each page. Revamped link tables and home popup. Updated dozens of stale links. Deleted entire Search category along with AppleJedi, Legion Paper, Promax white paper and IMA DVD Initiative links. Removed Moorer white papers. Added the MPEG encoders article from NewMedia. Added the, Audio Precision and Adaptec links.
1/19/00 - Added the iMacWorld, Perfect Vision, Stereophile Guide to Home Theater and Sensible Sound email link. Removed CD-ROM Pro, Mix Bookshelf, ProStudio & Live Audio, Fi & eMedia links. Boy, the magazine scene sure is changing...
1/18/00 - Removed Andataco (nStor) link. Fixed the Haloween and Mix links.
1/17/00 - Fixed some broken links on Tips & Tricks. Updated rental info.
1/04/00 - Added the Contour link. Added address info to the Home page. Swapped eFax number for 415 citations. Fixed MacPiCkS link, removed links for the Evangelist, Apple's Mac OS site and, oh my God, The-Message. Moved the Apple Lists link. Alphabetized the Mac OS links.
1/2/00 - Fixed some broken links and files. Added the Jscript that checks for old browsers.
12/12/99 - Revised index and home page layout and verbiage.
12/10/99 - Changed home page description.
12/07/99 - Added the Studio Tech, Martinsound and Rising Sun links. Also rewrote all metatags.
11/26/99 - Added the Fairlight and Midiman links. Removed the Weather Resource link. Added PROPS/HMC to client list. Revised the Sonic SIG and Zagat links.
10/15/99 - Removed the HiFi99 link and didn't replace it. Added some additional info to the IFPI and RIAA links. Added the Tascam link.
10/04/99 - Rearranged general audio links, fixed Peter Cook's URL and added link.
10/03/99 - Added Mackie, Tascam, Tape Op, Warren Publishing, KAB, Steinberg, Legion Paper, Envelope Mall, Plazm and the Weather Channel links.
9/11/99 - Added MPEG Empowered, Peabody Soundworks and the LABELdotCOM links.
8/22/99 - Added A. Behlmer article and corrected links on the Papers page.
8/19/99 - Added Public Eye Shopping badge, added the striped background.
8/8/99 - Removed (dead) PowerMac Resource Page. Added Granite, SCSI termination, Firewire Watch, Esoteric Audio and DVD Forum links.
7/27/99 - Added P22, Radio History Society, Dr. Beach, Mohawk Paper, Finch, Appleton, MacPiCkS & Acoustical Society of America. Also added Services URL popup.
7/18/99 - Updated Javascript on Links3 page. Added Andatco, Vixel, Nanophone, R. Whittle, AGA Chemical, Red River, MediaStreet, JOBO, Luminos and Euphonics links. Also added to ETS.
7/1/99 - Revised Miller Freeman link. Added Wilmut, Nauck, Film Sound SIG, eMedia, Apogee, Sonorus, Yamaha and Baldwin links. Removed all Advanced Audio Disc Working Group links. Added Mac Smash Win (see below)... 8-)
6/23/99 - Added CTI, Ultimate Symbol, Unisource, Russell-Field, M. Evening and Pixelboyz.
6/15/99 - Added the links3 page.
6/14/99 - Rebuilt logo banners and finished overhaul "finished" on 5/10.
5/29/99 - Added Deliverance and acroreader GIF. Moved Wadia to 96 k category.
5/26/99 - Added Network Solutions link and ASE banner on home page.
5/18/99 - Added privacy statement, ASE verbiage and logos, rental statement and Op. Handbook v3r3.
5/14/99 - Added home page link to logo. Added Bodzio, Zaxcom, Soundtracs and PolyMorph links.
5/10/99 - Finished major style & structure overhaul.
4/25/99 - Added the Clariion, DEMAS, Aardvark Digital Audio Labs and Creamware links.
4/11/99 - Added the Photoshop and Little Mac books.
4/7/99 - Added the MixDesk flow diagrams and all the raw PDFs. Reformatted the Training page.
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