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Individual Articles

DVD-Video Discussions — An article, written for my web site back in 1997, discussing the DVD-Video format.

If Ever A Wiz — An unedited version of an article published in the premier October 1998 Surround Professional covering audio restoration work for The Wizard of Oz.

DVD-Audio Intro — An unedited manuscript for an article, published in the July 1998 Mix Magazine, discussing the DVD-Audio format.

MLP Encore — An unedited manuscript for an article, published in Issue Four of Surround Professional, discussing the background, implementation and use of Meridian Lossless Packing (MLP), the lossless codec adopted for the DVD-Audio specification.

Anna’s Way — An unedited manuscript for an interview, published in Issue Five of Surround Professional, with re–recordist and film mixer Anna Behlmer.

Millenium Modifications — An unedited manuscript for an article, published in Issue Nine of Surround Professional, discussing upgrades at Skywalker Sound’s Technical Building.

DVD-A…The Story Continues — An article covering DVD-A production details and workflow.

WWDC 2003 — A report from the 2003 Apple World Wide Developer Conference…

Audio Restoration On A Budget — This article appeared in the July 2003 issue of Electronic Musician, and was written as a companion to a Windows restoration product survey provided by my friend, Gary Hall.

Pedant In A Big Box — An IT Glossary for content creators, rich media junkies, and digital asset addicts.


Before it was a blog, The Bitstream was a monthly column for Mix Magazine that ran for five years, from March of 2000 to January of 2006…

The Bitstream #01 03/00: Lossy codecs for low data rate delivery

The Bitstream #02 04/00: Two competing standards for interactive television

The Bitstream #03 05/00: LANs, WANs, SANs & NAS

The Bitstream #04 06/00: KVMs, firewalls and Sharp’s SA-CD player

The Bitstream #05 07/00: Digital audio specs & lying with numbers

The Bitstream #06 08/00: Revisions to the SCSI & USB bus standards

The Bitstream #07 09/00: The emerging InfiniBand standard

The Bitstream #08 10/00: The FireWire 400 standard

The Bitstream #09 11/00: Issues surrounding the FireWire 400 standard

The Bitstream #10 12/00: The struggling DVD-Audio format

The Bitstream #11 01/01: The compelling Super Audio CD format

The Bitstream #12 02/01: Broadband internet access

The Bitstream #13 03/01: The Great Energy Debacle of Winter 2000

The Bitstream #14 04/01: The Winter CES in Las Vegas

The Bitstream #15 05/01: The MacWorld 2001 show in San Francisco

The Bitstream #16 06/01: The technology underlying current WANs & LANs

The Bitstream #17 07/01: The tribulations of audio project transfer

The Bitstream #18 08/01: Mid–price data tape formats

The Bitstream #19 09/01: The emerging iSCSI & Serial ATA standards

The Bitstream #20 10/01: Emerging storage standards

The Bitstream #21 11/01: The DLT1 data tape format & some rivals

The Bitstream #22 12/01: Thoughts on the passing of the 20th century

The Bitstream #23 02/02: The current state of the FireWire standard

The Bitstream #24 03/02: Data rates & storage requirements

The Bitstream #25 04/02: The current state of the USB standard

The Bitstream #26 05/02: Two lost cost data tape standards

The Bitstream #27 06/02: Copper wiring & infrastructure

The Bitstream #28 07/02: Wireless networking — 802.11b & Bluetooth

The Bitstream #29 08/02: Digital Rights Management (DRM)

The Bitstream #30 09/02: The MPEG-4 standard

The Bitstream #31 10/02: The AES31 standard

The Bitstream #32 11/02: Audio framerworks in Mac OS 10.2

The Bitstream #33 12/02: Audio gifts for the holidays

The Bitstream #34 01/03: TCP Offload Engines

The Bitstream #35 02/03: Fixed versus floating point arithmetic in DSP

The Bitstream #36 03/03: Single versus double precision arithmetic in DSP

The Bitstream #37 04/03: The 2003 MacWorld Expo in San Francisco

The Bitstream #38 05/03: Micropayments & associated technology

The Bitstream #39 06/03: The 2003 Winter CES in Las Vegas

The Bitstream #40 07/03: Tech Report — Hit Factory Criteria

The Bitstream #41 08/03: The application of heuristics to digital audio

The Bitstream #42 09/03: The introduction of 64 bit CPUs for desktop use

The Bitstream #43 10/03: More on the introduction of desktop 64 bit CPUs

The Bitstream #44 11/03: FOSS, Free & Open Source Software

The Bitstream #45 12/03: FOSS, Part II

The Bitstream #46 01/04: Acoustical & electrical noise reduction techniques

The Bitstream #47 02/04: FOSS, Part III

The Bitstream #48 03/04: Pedants in a Big Box, Part I

The Bitstream #49 04/04: MacWorld SF 2004 & Winter CES 2004

The Bitstream #50 05/04: Lossy codecs for digital audio

The Bitstream #51 06/04: Pedants in a Big Box, Part II

The Bitstream #52 07/04: Pedants in a Big Box, Part III

The Bitstream #53 08/04: Pedants in a Big Box, Part IV

The Bitstream #54 09/04: Pedants in a Big Box, Part V

The Bitstream #55 10/04: Pedants in a Big Box, Part VI

The Bitstream #56 11/04: Intel’s Azalia audio initiative

The Bitstream #57 01/05: Pedants in a Big Box, Part VII

The Bitstream #58 02/05: Computer Security

The Bitstream #59 03/05: Dolby Digital Creator

The Bitstream #60 04/05: Pedants in a Big Box, Part VIII

The Bitstream #61 05/05: RoHS Legislation & Pedants in a Big Box, Part IX

The Bitstream #62 06/05: Class D Amplification

The Bitstream #63 07/05: UWB or Ultra–wide Band Technology

The Bitstream #64 08/05: Networking with UWB & MIMO