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Information Annex

Welcome to this collection of technology and rich media–related information...

Books 4 Geeks

Are you a crusty, well established geek or a geek aspiring to greatness? Check out Seneschal’s bookstore for the geek in all of us. Got a fave book you’d like to recommend? Give a shout and let me know!

Link List

A list of qualified sites devoted to acoustical treatment, acousticians & studio design, professional organizations and SIGs. A list of graphics sites include font resources, gicleé printing and print media. For road warriors and wanderers, there are travel resources.


An archive of Seneschal articles and white papers covering digital audio theory, time code, MPEG as well as DVD and film sound production…

Laws for Audio Engineers

A hunerous look at the laws of physics, as seen through the lens of audio engineering…Got a new “law”? Let us know!